This blog is an output of the Jisc funded Open Access Good Practice Pathfinder Project.  This project is run by the University of Bath Library, and our associates at the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Cardiff.

Our particular project is entitled ‘Options for Administative Efficiencies in OA Implementation’.  We hope to produce some very useful guidance for Higher Ed Institutions around ways to reduce the admin overheads associated with OA APCs in particular (see below for a guide to acronyms).

If you have any suggestions or comments, please do leave them on the blog.  The content of this blog will also be aggregrated on the Jisc OA Good Practice Netvibes page.

You might find we use a lot of acronyms on this blog.  Here’s a guide to some of them, more will be added as they crop up:

GW4 – Great Western 4, a research consortium of four universities in the South West of England.  These are the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.  You can find out more on the GW4 website.

OA – Open Access.  There is loads on the internet about Open Access as a model of scholarly communication.  Try a Google Search, or if you prefer more direction try the UK Open Access Implementation Group website.

APC – Article Processing Charge.  Usually paid by the author or research sponsor of a journal article, paid up-front to enable ‘Gold’ open access.  This means anyone can access this article for free online, even if they don’t have a journal subscription.



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